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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sex as a source of energy or how a woman "kept" man?

Every woman is born with a certain energy options. It depends on them, how it will be seen by people.

Sometimes it is very noticeable - for example, it so happens that in the not so beautiful girl groomed a lot of guys, not noticing beauty. All this is due to the fact that the object of their admiration for the great female energy, and the opposite sex is felt.

What is the female energy.

Until the moment when the girl kept her virginity, his energy is not consumed. But this was the first man she gives her role. Of how much one gets this energy depends on its success. It's not always turn out that the first lover becomes her husband. So the second and later part of the energy is going. But this source is updated, the wife recover its reserves or 7 years after sexual contact continues to energy lover.

If the girl had many lovers, they "eat" their feminine energy. And that's not bad, it is not denied. As soon as this man, who was next to a woman gets is not 100% charge of magic, and a little less, and its productivity falls.

How people feel the feminine energy?
First, many men dream of being the first. Defloration - is a sacrament, who want to go through a lot. And not just to test some new sensations. They instinctively know that they can get a great "charge" to the required energy.

Secondly, men often seek simultaneously with several old lady. But this is also a way to use multiple sources, which is a very good effect on the welfare of the people. For example, married a young lover starts, he receives the necessary impulse and with his wife, and from the one who spends time with him, which means that it can be twice as effective at work.

In ancient times, many feudal lords had the right to "first night." The property owner is given the opportunity to deflower all the girls before the wedding. In this way, is connected with their energy, which greatly increased the income from the property. The origin of this tradition has been long forgotten, but the real bioenergy is known about his background.

The evidence also that the most successful people in the world today - those who are very fond up, and therefore, have more resources, and an exemplary family man, who is a woman, but she is able to provide them with the necessary energy.

How to stop the "food" of the former?

Ritual takes only a few minutes. It only requires time and attention, but the result will be immediately noticeable. How? Simply people feel when they lose feeding. You will soon have a call or meeting, it will usually be felt all that first. Someone will call for a meeting, someone has to write about, he could not forget her.

Of course, you should meet with them, but make sure it works. The rite should be repeated after 2 weeks that there was a situation that does not come loose.

What to do: you just need to be alone with him and spend some time pronouncing certain words. This ritual is not magic or religion, but is a psychological technique that allows "remove" any unnecessary binding.

 Standing in front of the window. If possible, light a candle. It is a way to adjust the process. I silently begin to show in turn the people. Everyone needs some things really say:
"Thank you for what you've had in my life. I'm glad that we met again. I forgive you all the insults that are between us. I let you. I loved you as best I can. I wish you luck."

At this point, it is necessary to imagine that you are in the stomach connects the transparent flagella. It is positioned below the navel, and others. It is necessary, however, to reduce cord to speak words and hands. They have a part of themselves to send, and his - to him. And then imagine how a man turns and walks away.

Make such manipulation is required with each partner. This is a way to "not eating" of the former. But be prepared that some, and perhaps all the former will try to request a meeting with you.

As convinced my friend, this ritual is completely safe. It can be performed several times, if you think it necessary. It also helps in cases where the person can not forget. I do not need any magic rituals or treatment for psychics. But there is one thing: sincerely need to talk. Forgiveness and gratitude - a great power, but they have to go from the heart. If you say it from the heart does not work, in the heart of contempt remains, simply repeat the process several times.

The woman - a valuable source of energy for men. It depends on the companion, if her husband is a millionaire or a janitor. The more feminine energy, wealthier families and efficient man. Although every woman comes with its potential reserves can still be increased, and thus get much more in marriage. But how to do it, we'll tell you next time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

People do not notice they are suffering and dying stupidly

Vadim Zeland: People do not notice they are suffering and dying stupidly

Culture slow death

To get real benefits from their chosen style of food, it is necessary to have an elementary culture of nutrition. If we start from primitive notions and habits, such as: "buy a roll of raw, cook them, set up, and quickly eat" or "eat fruits and vegetables, and everything will be fine", of which there will be nothing, no benefit .

We have to understand that the body - not the locomotive firebox, and push it in all of them without thinking and randomly, in the hope that "everything will burn," is just stupid.
In the human body, is stocked a certain volume of endurance, but it is not unlimited, so you still need to think about. If the culture is reduced to the concept of "snikerisati (nibble)" whatever, and anyway, will inevitably be problems.

While it is a way of life for centuries was unchanged, there was a culture of food and is normally passed from generation to generation. And when civilizations went through the technical development, life suddenly changed, and the transfer of experience stopped.

In such conditions, the culture of nutrition, not only to get lost (a significant portion has already lost), but also mutilate - degrades under the influence of factors that have nothing to do with nutrition, such as, for example, chemical processing ... and advertising.

What to do with that, I personally do not know. Here is the rescuing a drowning man in the hands of a drowning themselves. If you do not want to know what and how can you keep, then go to the hospital, or directly to the cemetery. Realistically this is so. Rely on experience and common sense of mankind has already become impossible. Boiling point of no return seems to have begun.

Since humanity has moved to white flour, margarine and yeast artificial, common sense does not work. Margarine, as a purely synthetic product, clouding consciousness. A yeast as a foreign life form (essentially a monster), is mounted into the body consciousness and managed so as to be fed precisely because it takes a monster to eat.


White flour is cooking brought to the absurd. Something valuable grain is the germ and outer membrane. White flour is obtained by cleaning the wheat from the skins and sprouts. In this way, all valuable was removed and left only the dead point, which consists primarily of starch. The liver becomes clogged mass similar to fuel oil, starch is deposited in the body in the form of mucus, the walls of the digestive tract is covered with sediments.

Margarine and spreads (trans fats) are made from refined vegetable oil second pressing, which is produced with the use of chemical solvents. Refined oil, warm, and after that hydrogenated, letting him through hydrogen. As a result is obtained a mixture of isomers of an unknown nature, which has the consistency of soft clay, foul odor, and color.

To this "product" supplied commodity quality, he adds loads of all kinds of chemicals. Trans fats are very toxic, and have the capacity to accumulate in the body, causing a series of dangerous diseases: stress, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, obesity, sickly children, weakened immunity, low potency, etc.

Why is harmful artificial yeast:

These are the essences by body - mushrooms.
Imagine that you live in your body mushrooms.
Same mushrooms in baking die and their spores.
They have the ability to penetrate into the bloodstream, and that means in every organ.
In the process of their life activities secrete mycotoxins.
When they enter the body, they begin to adapt to the whole environment itself.
Symbiotic (healthy) microflora is destroyed, a pathogen flourishes.
The body becomes easily accessible to foreign bacteria and viruses.
Creating ideal conditions for cancer cells develop.

Why do I say to humanity in terms of food (as well as many other things), can not be trusted? If the human flock mass produces and consumes what it kills, it is clear that he can not be trusted. How can one trust a junkie, for example?
The man who is in trouble, problems can not see or does not want to see them. A problematic Society - long does not want to see their own problems, or even unable to see them, because it is in the illusion KRDN security. Or see it, in the end, that "smoking kills" after they started to tobacco each added chemicals, after which he kills more. And this same word "kills" can the credibility that it adheres to all supermarketsku synthetics. The illusion that soothes's just that, you kill slowly and imperceptibly.

People do not notice they are suffering and dying stupid, lack of basic food culture. From the moment when they appeared in the diet of these three main components: white flour, margarine, yeast - the culture is completed and started matrix.

These components are a part of the most common, everyday products - biscuits. This is the basis matrix scheme (cultures) diet. The main thing is to lay the foundations so that people lost their sanity, as in the tale of Sinbad the Sailor. Then they will understand, why suffer and die, and in general with the aim of which is all that. Does the farm livestock understands what and why is the food?

And there is still the only difference is that the matrix is ​​not, but the people themselves have built a farm for themselves, and even more training in food technology to the body and consciousness fit into the goals of the matrix. The matrix in humans has a goal once again remind:

The cells should be completed obedient elements. And these elements must be, primarily, not very healthy, that there would be free energy, and secondly, a little twisted, so as not to realize where they are. Energy and conscious will need to be accurate enough to fulfill their obligation to functional - no more, no less.

The transition from the traditional to the raw diet does not indicate any progress in the culture of nutrition, if it does not respect the basic principles. Consider that the principles damaging.

1. The diet should be stable, unchanging.

Kitchen (set of products and ways to prepare them) should be a stable constant. Nutrition in general should not abruptly change, for example, without special needs should not be passed from one to another national cuisine. This is mainly because of intestinal microflora, which is adapted for the welding of one or other foods. It is slowly being restored, adaptation can take months. Therefore, any transition should be smooth, gradual. If we talk about the transition to a raw diet, there are even more not to hurry, because it added another factor - intensive detoxification. Should not be brought ourselves to a state of intoxication increased. Thus, in modern conditions, especially young people, it is better not to adjust for months, for years.

2. The diet should be a maximum of variety.

At the same time, the dishes must be as simple and jednoslo┼żnija, consisting of similar ingredients. It is better to eat more than one thing at a meal. Diversity is needed only in a general range. Only fruits and vegetables - this is a very low calorie diet. If you are asked to eat something sweet, it means that the body is something missing. For example, the brain consumes more than a quarter of the energy of the body, for his work required lecithin. The chocolate is lecithin, and in fruits and vegetables is - so i requested. But why overeat chocolate if that same lecithin has enough pulses?

3. Food should be a pleasure to represent.

The human brain is so constituted that it receives satisfaction. If there is no satisfaction, serotonin is not produced, and then it all wrong. If there is no satisfaction, the brain will look for him in that case and the artificial stimulants.

Food is one of the main pleasures, it must be delicious saved. If that's what you eat, it is useful, but tasteless, you will always be looking for something that is unnecessary delicious, this ordeal will take until the brain gets his share of pleasure. Therefore, one should not engage in masochism, should not be chewed lettuce as cows, need to find simple but tasty recipe, and do not receive a benefit, but also the pleasure - in this culture consists of raw diet. Raw food can and should be delicious.

4. Artificial stimulants and relaxants off.

The payment will still go with interest. That is, from something artificial is always less good than harm. Restore is not uniform. In the beginning, it is easier and then gets worse. Depression and panic attacks - are diseases of new generations. They are not caused by anything other than the chemical components in products. Chemistry always causes altered state of consciousness, to a greater or lesser extent. Another cause intoxication, despite the fact that the toxins "are packed in barrels." Do not pack all. And if left untreated result of their cause, the situation is only getting worse.

One can ask the question: what is artificial in coffee and chocolate? If you are ecologically pure, natural products, then probably nothing if used in moderation. Only now natural coffee and chocolate hard to find. This is big business, all plantations are watered abundantly chemistry, not to talk about what it all added to the final product. The damage is not the caffeine, but in the subsequent chemistry. The best and safest stimulant were wild raw cocoa beans. I can only chew can be made out of cocoa or chocolate candy. The effect is felt immediately and without consequence.

5. The main principle: the products should be natural.

This means no GMO, yeast, chemicals, synthetics. In supermarkets it can barely raise 1-5% of what men fall in natural products. (Though, the reality changes, and progress is already there.) The product that is "sealed and buried" in the long life, can not be regarded as natural. Additives camouflage "identical to natural" are also synthetic, no matter how masked. Used in nutrition "long-term" fruit and vegetables from the supermarket, it is madness. For the body there is nothing worse than synthetic (artificially synthesized) toxin.

The nature of the course of billions of years of evolution has provided everything else.

If the body could talk, he'd say, you can make me starve, torture excessive physical exertion, throw me in the heat or cold, you can drop me blood, I can be tortured and even cut, I will submit to all the ... but if you poisoned me, you fool, you and me will be bad, very bad, everything will be just a very bad end.

Vadim Zeland

The decision? Healthy life - moderate diet and exercise constantly. Sometimes and diet torture - moderate diet and exercise constantly. Sometimes and diet torture

Is there a healthy diet for the perfect look and tight body

The ideal figure, slim look and spring diet

Popular slimming agents that are at our disposal as diet, physical exercise, a healthy diet and dietary supplements. I know about your body.
First of all we should know that our body remembers that it takes time to learn new ways of functioning and new habits. Therefore, carefully and patiently with him. Also, it is important to know when excessive weight and the status of fat cells. In fact, they never lose from our bodies, unless they are physically, operation without remove. Weight loss we just reduce their volume, empty them. Unfavourable news for all those who have allowed themselves to get fat is the following fact, very connected to it by the effect of quickly returning kilograms. When a person begins to grow, it fills your fat cells, and they grow. When the mass of cells filled until the end, then start budding, or creates a new fat cells, and so on. That is to say, a person who has allowed herself to gain weight, increase the number of fat cells themselves. the result of this is that when it starts to eat normally again, that excess fat cells in his body starts to automatically create reserves, and you are growing rapidly. The solution? Healthy life - moderate diet and exercise constantly. I sometimes torture diet.

What awaits us who choose a weight loss treatment or therapy of the exercise, detoxification and body care to choose?
Physical exercises aerobics and fitness diet, a healthy body and a perfect look

Diet - weight loss treatment and nutrition to lose weight from

The first move of the child, because it knows that from which everything and it all ends. Diet is a diet low in calories, so she thinks the one who reads the daily newspaper. Very few know that diet is a general term for a balanced and balanced diet. Well, we will not so much to reason.
For our omladinke diet is a way to lose weight, you know how i can. Less calories enter the number you spend, and skinny. Child reduction of calories that are at our disposal: the diet by points, by calories, according to blood groups, Neera diet, the cabbage diet, the tomato diet UN diet, Atkinson diet, pilot Diet, Mayo Diet, Max Plank diet, fruit diets, bio-resonance diet, protein diet, Hollywood diet, lemon diet, algae, tea diet Brojs diets, diet salad and many other known and unknown child with few calories.
The point of the diet is a diet that someone fits a someone does not, in terms of speed of achieving results. The optimal diet for the body should be balanced component and nutrients means no reduction of any food, and with her skinny 0.5 pounds per week. Not any more, although I know that you need 3 pounds in 15 days! Anything over that amount of a pound of stress on the body and leads to a low immune system, sooner or later. More than a pound of weight loss is only permitted for persons who have expressed excessively thick, so their stock water and fat can only initially decrease faster.
Not recommended for weight loss diets, which abolish certain food group, or a plain child, where the diet is based only on one type of food, such as meat and animal proteins. The reason for this is a forcible change of the natural biochemistry of the organism, the load of the internal organs and fast yo-yo effect when you do weight with great success back after a short period.
The best diet is a healthy life habits.
If you stick to these simple rules you will experience the following:
- 6 months you get used to diet
- You get used, you will realize that you are getting excess energy, improved immunity to you, your hair is not falling, the skin is firmer and you lose the accumulated fluid in the body - the faces and body you can lean out, you are not inflated more
- After 9 months you'll start to lose weight naturally and continuously, even though you eat well because your body naturally leads only in red
- After 2 years, you will have an ideal weight without any effort and is easy to maintain all of the following years, without much prohibitions and painful denial
Proof that you have guessed a proper diet is as follows:
- Have a seat every morning at the same time, after getting up and often the second-afternoon
- Chair no more pronounced breath, not hard a line
- In the morning you wake up and immediately you are hungry, the more you hunger goes from noon
- Missing are situations when you eat in the afternoon, faint and need sugar, you no longer have cravings
Physical exercises and training for getting slim

Physical exercises aerobics and fitness diet, a healthy body and a perfect izgledAko not exercised continuously during the winter, it's bad for you. You are not trained, your muscles, tendons, blood vessels, cartilage and joints have a problem to enter into a new rhythm of life. Your internal organs are not prepared for the extra effort. In this sense, one should not immediately start with strenuous exercise. Younger girls and boys, and this is not a problem, but after 30-s to begin to be a problem, because the biological body's ability to recover less.
There is another medical problem that you can not anyone explain. From passive life without exercise, there is little you degenerative changes in the joints. And that's bad. However, it does not disappear your exercise, even abruptly exercise can increase the occurrence of such damage. They are initially small, but due to poor lifestyle are growing. Therefore, moderation and continuity of healthy habits very important for the vitality and cheerfulness of your body.
Physical exercises and training that are available to you are endless: running, jogging, walking, gymnastics, swimming, trekking, hiking, aerobics, pilates, yoga, karate, tai chi, dancing, gardening, body building, tennis, gardening, archery, any sport, skates, sailing .... any form of physical exertion.
Physical exercises and training have multiple functions, all of which are essential:
- Massage the internal organs and improve circulation
- Detoksiniraju body
- Driven by hormones and metabolism, especially anti-stress hormone
- Consume fatty depots and deposits around organs and in the fatty tissue
- Tightening of the muscles, improve posture and general appearance
- Give us fit, greater resistance to stress and strengthen the immune system
However, it should be stressed that the exercises slowly to increase the time and effort that you do not need a fat burner, hormones, enzymes and dietary supplements that are changing the chemistry of your body. Big industry has been built around our delusions and desires to become as soon as physically perfect.
It is important to understand a physiological mechanism that exists in most people. Due to stress, the secretion of stress hormones, people are starting to eat more and more, and create hormonal dependence on food. As soon as upset about something, immediately run for food, snacks, chocolates, because during the meals are light endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which calms us. This provides additional enjoyment of food. Contrary to the state of hunger, when dominating the stress hormone cortisol, and in conjunction with insulin and other biochemical substances creates great stress for the body. Overeating is a quick fix and defense against this kind of stress. This mechanism of food addiction is very powerful, and gradually termination, and one of the other methods of the exercise, because exercise reduces the amount of cortisol and increases the amount of ephedrine in the body and the other good hormones. That is why wellness is really anti-stress therapy. As well as any form of physical activity.
Exercises should also adjust your body, its capabilities and the state. People who are very obese and heavy should not begin suddenly with running or jumping. First, because they can hurt the body is not prepared for the effort. Second, the exercise should be developed muscle groups that you are in deficit. I mean, the girl who has strong legs and hips should not be engaged in running or aerobics. I always get sad when in the woods or sports center omladinke see how strong proportions worthy runner or lift weights in the gym. Only if such exercises and further develop the already developed part of the body. It is better to deal with a swim or a parterre gymnastics.
It is better to practice a little bit every day, from 15 to 30 minutes, but every third day after 3 hours. Forget the famous advice of fitness trainers and body building coach who claim to burn fat in the body only after half an hour of strenuous exercise, and that is why when you go to training, do not cease to half a day. This is not so. Fats can burn whenever no free fat or carbohydrates in the body, when the pockets are empty grain of sugar, and this usually happens during the night and sleep if you skip dinner. Therefore, it is very important not to dine.
Also, it is important to continuously exercise each day at a time, for months. To prevent muscle atrophy, bone and muscular system. Thus practicing, no problem skipping after some training, because you are in a constant process. It is not advisable during training the body to exert excessive sweating, because it folds microelements although i propagates to the unreasonable, so you're forced to saunas, would not have lost the water. Needless to stay dry during training. Naturally sweat. Drink as much water as you're thirsty. There is a big misconception and erroneous myth that you should drink more water, a few gallons a day, to washing toxins from the body and cleaning the body. I just do not washing machine that washes one wash, it takes time and a lot of days to get from one small cell, through the tissues, organs and systems of elimination of toxins and poisons from the body cast. Forcing detox treatments only strain your kidneys, you lose electrolytes, immunities and you fall in a few months you get the flu or a cold. Drink as much as the body requires, and if you are fed with plenty of vegetables and fruits, along with soups and semifluid dishes, you will never be in a position to dehydrate. Dehydration of the body and fill the body are two sides of the same, bad practice.
Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, dietary supplements

The best option that is offered to you in deciding which support your diet efforts herbal teas, proper diet with plenty of fiber and fruit juices. In a natural way you can stimulate the body to start working deletvornije healthier and get into the mode of functioning. In this sense, they can not damage or other natural and herbal preparations, if they have the function to cleanse the liver, stimulate lazy bowel, improve the excretion of urinary tract, stimulate sweating, mildly stimulating lymph and blood circulation, all under the condition that they do not stress the heart or other organs . It is a natural detoxification of the body. I do not recommend you aggressive methods of detoxification, such as enema, flushing hose, because straining bowel and internal organs. It is justified only in emergencies.
Sami dietary supplements as well as enzymes, vitamins or minerals, never anyone healthy or not helped solve his problem with weight and appearance. Only a small number of people, those who have a metabolic disorder or poor nutrition with a lack of nutrients can have a direct benefit from the vitamins, minerals, hormones, and various enzymes. All other soothe yourself by buying the conscience of products for weight loss. They know they do not feed properly, you do not exercise enough and do not have a good lifestyle, so they advertised preparations anesthetized conscience. Now these martyrs have tried to do something for themselves, they bought a capsule which speeds up the metabolism.
Funding to accelerate metabolism exist but they are dangerous to health. If these products perform as promised as the ads in the newspaper and you have an accelerated metabolism, in a month they were in the hospital for resuscitation. The body has its own rhythm of functioning and accelerate it quickly and destroyed, ranging from system disorders, the devastation caused by an overload of internal organs, hemorrhage, varicose veins, increasing pressure. Accelerated metabolism consumes glands of internal treatment which age a biology of the organism to grow, get old fast.
The only thing that these products work in the body is that you're forced to accelerated excretion, which initially lose more weight because expelling gathered water. A girl of 70 kilograms of weight and average height of 170 cm has in itself usually 2 liters of excess water, which is such treatment rapidly cleared and she thinks that she began to thin. A mechanism of weight loss is simple and goes in this order:
- Losing the collected water
- Then, if caloric intake is less than a combustion starting to empty the sugar reserves that are in physical pockets, a kind of energy depots. They are always the first updated when you begin to be infused food - survival mechanism created them
- When there are no more reserves in the body, begin to consume fat in the body, around the internal organs, and tissues that are immersed in internal organs. That is why when you lose weight it is not visible on the skin and subcutaneous part of the skin
- When reserves are depleted enough around the body begins to lose subcutaneous fat tissue, in the following order: faces, breasts, arms, abdomen, hips. And it becomes a big problem with those is that they wanted to weight loss process goes the other way around to the thighs, buttocks and waist are the first but not the last.
Remember the slimming soap, magnets, belts, hot pants and similar products that were advertised and sold because of the stupidity and ignorance of consumers, as a normal user does not know almost nothing about how the body works, but believes that there is a magical substance that enters through the skin and breaks down its fat cells. Such substances would primarily shatter your skin.
Spring has come. Since you are ready to bring in top form and fit shine this year, as every previous one, it is time to take action!

. . .This Hotel of text taken from the author Zlatko Scepanovic Baste with the Balkans

The menu is best when I'm physically active and spend more calories than you eat. We follow the principle that as soon as I add 3kg immediately close the mouth and start exercising. I can tell you that in this way we maintain the same weight more than 18 years old.

Secrets of The “Village of Long Life”

Is the "Village of Long Life" holding a secret to anti-aging we can all benefit from knowing?

Would it surprise you to know that there is a place somewhere in this world where more than 10 percent of the population is over 85 years old? And, the senior population have youthful skin without using skin creams; their joints are flexible having strong bones without taking drugs to combat painful stiff joints, stiff fingers and creaking knees; enjoying clear eyesight, without taking eye drops for cataracts and glaucoma; and having heads of  healthy hair also sans medication to prevent thinning or balding. Where on earth you ask? And what’s the secret? 

Oil for face-lift - Oshadhi- review

Although it is currently impossible to live forever on earth, especially we who are older than 40 years, all somehow we start to life in the mission to find the fountain of youth, which promises eternal beauty and the external postponement of age, or at least try to prevent physical signs of aging.

One of the popular anti-aging products currently available on the market is the oil for face Lifting 30 ml - Oshadhi.
All you have probably already heard of Oshadhi oil, superior quality. Oshadhi has
high quality essential oils, vegetable oils, HIDROL, synergies, diffusers and oil composition.
Face Oil for Mature Skin lifting - essential oils
Oshadhi essential oils are completely chemical and botanical defined, with the corresponding certificates. Cultivation is mainly organic. Full Oshadhi offer essential oil contains over 550 different oils, whereas in our country can be found in much smaller numbers.
Vegetable oils are cold pressed and unrefined.
The country of origin is Germany.

Oil for face-lift - Oshadhi
Ingredients: vegetable oil sunflower, jojoba, almonds, sesame seeds, the fruit of wild roses, apricots; Arab tamjanovca essential oils, rosewood, ho oil, geranium, palmarosa, bead ...


 With the operation described below of vegetable oils, oil for face-lift, and contains essential oil of Arab tamjanovca acting anti-wrinkle and bead which also smoothes wrinkles, and tightens the skin, and astringent properties. Rosewood, geranium and palmarosa, except antibacterial activity nourish and regenerate skin.
Method of use: massage into damp skin 1-5 drops of oil.
Operation of vegetable oil: Vegetable oil Sunflower operates mild astringent, and is suitable for both oily and dry skin. It is used for skin inflammations such as psoriasis and eczema. Jojoba is used primarily for oily and mixed skin, for the treatment of sun-damaged skin and inflammatory skin diseases. Almond oil is a classic facial care, emergency food goat. Sesame contains vitamins A and E, natural antioxidants. Effective for inflammation of the skin, and is used with damaged skin (scars, wrinkles). The fruit of wild roses is extremely worthwhile due to the presence retinolne acid in its natural form, which is attributed to the operation of wrinkles, keloids, stretch marks, scars, age spots. Similarly, the oil is applied to burns, dermatitis, seborrhea, and similar problems. Moisturises and revitalises the skin and the vegetable oil is apricot softens and nourishes. It is often used for skin prone to allergies, reduces itching, and acts against eczema.

Is all of this true or not - I do not know. I bought it a month ago in a store at Slavija Olive and costs about 9$. It was love at first smell. Unbelievable experience more pleasant when you first opened the lid. Fragrances that are wider than frankincense, bergamot and other ingredients you will probably like me and all around me delight. It is a smell that makes me time and again by mazem several times a day. However, it is excessively. Actually there are lifting effect you'll notice if it spreads in the evening to give you the skin is smooth and toned in the morning. I've used it for ten days in a row because of a mild facial peel or skin supersaturation, I realized that it is best to use 2 -3 times a week. At least that's the case with me. I have dry and sensitive skin of the face and I had no reaction as it usually happens with many creams that I used. I can tell that the ingredients are perfectly balanced.
This fragrance missing my aura and takes me briefly to Heaven :)

Autor: Miss Elixir

Top 4 Food To Prevent Aging! - Important foods in slowing your biological clock

"We are what we eat." If you consume some anti-oxidant rich foods to prevent aging, your natural aging process can be effectively slowing down. But, do you have any idea what are those food? Don't know? Ok, below are just some examples... 

(1) Must Have Food to Prevent Aging - Tomato

I love tomatoes! They are abundant in lycopene, an anti-oxidant which is 20 times stronger than vitamin C. What type of tomato is the best in preventing aging? The Small tomato. It contains higher level of vitamin C. How to eat tomato to prevent aging? Consume cooked tomatoes. Although majority of the vitamin C in cooked or precessed tomatoes (tomato paste, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce) is destroyed, the level of lycopene increases many times and thus the stronger its power in anti oxidation!

(2) Grape

Another powerful anti-oxidant. Same as tomato, anthocyanins, the anti-oxidant found in grape seed is 20 times stronger than vitamin C, and 50 times stronger than vitamin E! But, because of no fermentation, grape fruits and grape juice have very low anti oxidation power than red wine. So, do yourself a favor, drink a glass of red wine per day; it is a good food to prevent aging!

(3) Green Tea

Rich in antioxidant, and helps in reducing fats. Weight losing and prevent aging in one shot, why not?

(4) Salmon

Salmon is abundant in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which has strong anti-oxidant effect. Other poultry however, due to their higher level of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, the anti-oxidation power of omega-3 is greatly affected. These two kinds of unsaturated fatty acids must be maintained at a specific level in human body. Increase omega 3 consumption not only helps in balancing these fatty acids, the anti aging effect also becomes significant. Generally speaking, wild salmon is particularly a good food to prevent aging, as it is richer in omega-3.

I used to spend a lot on anti aging skincare products until... until I discover how to produce my own effectiv eHomemade Anti Aging Cream! 

So-Called "Health Foods" not healthy

So-Called "Health Foods" That Are Causing You to GAIN More Body Fat?
I can't tell you how many times I've walked into the kitchen of a client of mine that has hired me for nutritional counseling, and I'm shocked by what I see...
Almost every time, I see their kitchen cabinets and fridge LOADED with foods that they think are "healthy" (or have been deceived by clever food labels into believing are healthy), but in reality are fat-storing traps in disguise.
It's not uncommon to see foods such as:
  • whole grain breads
  • whole grain cereals
  • whole grain crackers (more of that wheat that's killing you)
  • soy milk
  • tofu or "veggie burgers" (non-fermented soy can be harmful to your hormones)
  • orange juice (loaded with too much fructose that raises your triglycerides)
  • apple juice
  • skim milk or homogenized milk
  • margarine (deadly trans fat or even "MegaTrans")
  • pre-packaged "diet" dinners
  • sport drinks
  • protein bars (most are candy bars in disguise!)
  • overly processed meal replacements (with more junk than healthy ingredients)
  • rice cakes (massive blood sugar spike)
  • pasta (more wheat to age you faster)
  • diet ice cream or diet desserts
  • so-called "energy" drinks
  • low-fat foods (usually replaces fat with more sugar)
  • low-carb processed foods
  • soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil
  • etc, etc
I see this trend over and over again with almost every client when I first inspect their cabinets and the foods that they were buying that they thought were healthy.
What they don't realize is that it's these exact foods that are sabotaging their fat loss efforts, increasing their cravings, throwing their hormones out of whack, and CAUSING terrible diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Body and mind, timeless

People used to believe that the subject of time and aging is inevitable. But Deepak Chopra, a poet and a prophet of alternative medicine, claims that this process is reversible. You can consciously slow down and even reverse the aging process - to the years of his youth, enthusiasm and good health.

We must try to get rid of the belief that the body is aging because it is accepted. The quantum world, or new science teaches that we are constantly creating and destroying their bodies. The fact that the body is a dense, stable object - this is an illusion; the body is a process, and as long as this process is directed toward the renovation, the body cells are young, and it does not matter how much time has passed and how strong entropy, which we are exposed. In order to have an updated body should be prepared to accept new ideas that lead to new solutions.

Why do we perceive the world as a real-life? Because so perceive it our senses !!! We see and feel things, but it just seems to us, says Deepak Chopra. We see that the earth was flat, the sun rises in the east and sets in the West, but we are wrong. Because it has long been known that the earth is round, and the East and West is conditional coordinates depending on the observer and from the place where he was. The first one took off the mask, visibility was Einstein and his colleagues. They put the time and space in the framework of a completely new geometry.Each particle is turned into a solid beam of energy, vibrating in a vast emptiness. If we consider the person in that aspect, it becomes impossible that man can grow old. newborn baby's cells are not new, the atoms that make up their circulating in the universe for millions of years. However, the child is created invisible Intelligence, which collects cells together and creates a unique form of life.

Aging - a mask to cover up the loss of communication with the Mind.

Quantum physics says that a universal energy and information field in which we live is constantly changing, turning every moment into something new. For example, every second cell is performed in our six trillion reactions, and if a process upset, it will lead to various disorders in the body. This failure is aging. However, our body can repair itself. Skin changes once a month, the stomach cells strewn wall - every 5 days, the liver every six weeks, and the skeleton of every 3 months. By the end of this year, 98% of the atoms of your body will be replaced with new ones.

Einstein proved that the invisible world - this is the real world, and our bodies - is an illusion. And if we want to get rid of aging, you must connect to the immense creative power, embodied in our primary source.

We are the only creatures on earth that can change biology by thoughts and feelings, endowed with knowing about the phenomenon of the aging of the nervous system. Since we are endowed with consciousness, our mental state affects what we realize. However, each setting of the old paradigm can be replaced by a more complete and bulk version of the truth.

Ten new plants are as follows:

1. The objective world independent of the observer, there is no

This world has certain properties. These properties should not be taken as a separate entity from the observer. For example, take a folding chair. From your point of view, this chair is small, but from the ant, he is huge. Do you feel the chair hard, and neutrinos will sweep through it at high speed, because it will be the atoms from each other at a distance of several kilometers. In short, none of the objective facts on which we normally base our reality is not fundamentally reliable. They are, as you istolkuete them.

Hundreds of things and the processes occurring in your body and you do not pay attention, - breathing, digestion, increase or decrease in blood pressure, the growth of new cells, purification of toxins, etc., you can be taken under control... The fact of focusing your attention on automatic processes in your body will change and your aging process, because over time our body's ability to coordinate these functions are weakening.

All so-called involuntary functions of the heart and respiration to digestion and hormonal regulation can be brought under control. In the laboratories, which examines the mind and body, patients have learned the power of will to lower blood pressure or to reduce acid secretion, leading to ulcers. Why not use these abilities in the aging process? Why not replace the old stereotypes of the new? To do this, there are numerous techniques that a person can deliver the service itself.

2. Our bodies are formed of energy and information

We think our bodies are made up of dense matter, but physics says that every atom to 99.9999% consists of empty space and subatomic particles, the speed of light zipping through this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy. The whole universe, including your body - it does not matter, and with the non-material thinking. The void within each atom is pulsating in the form of an invisible intelligence. Geneticists placed the mind in DNA, but only for the greater credibility. Life occurs when transfers its DNA encoded in mind its active counterpart RNA, which in turn is introduced into the cell and transmits the reason thousands bits enzymes, and then those bits are used for production reason proteins. At each point in this sequence, the energy and the information should be exchanged between them, otherwise no life will not be.

As we age, the flow of the mind is reduced for various reasons. This age-related wear and tear would be inevitable if man consisted only of matter, but entropy does not affect the mind - the invisible part of us is timeless themselves. In India it is called prana flow of mind and can control it, increase or decrease, move around and manipulate it in order to maintain the physical body young and healthy.

3. Mind and body indissolubly united

Mind can express themselves and at the level of thought and at the molecular level. For example, such an emotion like fear, can be defined as an abstract feeling and as a tangible molecule of a hormone - adrenaline. Without fear there is no hormone, no hormones and no fear. On what would have rushed our thought, it entails the formation of the chemical.

Medicine is just beginning to use the connection of mind and body. Everyone knows placebo in 30% of cases gives the same relief, as if the patient took a painkiller, but a placebo more features than the simple pill because it can be used not only as a painkiller but also as a means of lowering the pressure, and even combating tumors. As a harmless pill leads to such different results, it certainly follows that the mind-body can create any sort of biochemical reaction, if only to give the mind an appropriate facility. If we could use the installation does not get old, the body would be to implement it purely automatically. Breakdown in old age largely due to the fact that people expect this decline.

4. Biochemistry body - a product of consciousness

The notion that the body is - irrational machine prevails in the minds of most people, yet the percentage of people who have died of cancer and heart disease is much higher among those who are constantly on the psychological stress than those who moved through life unflagging sense of purpose and prosperity.

Under the new paradigm, the mind makes a significant difference in the aging process. Despair about aging - it means to grow old faster.Truism, "You are old as far as myself mnish" has a very deep meaning.

5. Perception - memorized phenomenon

Different perceptions - love, hate, joy and disgust - stimulate the body very differently. The man depressed by the loss of work, projects that sadness to all parts of the body - and as a result the brain ceases to secrete neurotransmitters, hormone levels drop, the sleep cycle is disturbed, neuropeptide receptors on the outer surface of the distorted cells, platelets are more sticky and tend to the accumulation of so even in tears of sadness precipitation chemicals in more than tears of joy. In the joy of the whole chemical profile completely reversed.

All biochemistry occurs within consciousness; each cell is fully aware of what and how you think. Once you understand this fact, the whole illusion about the fact that you are a victim of irrational, to chance and clears degenerating body.

6. pulses every second reason give new forms of body

Until new impulses continue to flow to the brain, the body is also able to respond in a new way. This is the whole essence of the secret of youth. New knowledge, new skills, new ways of seeing the world contribute to the development of mind, body, and while this is happening, there is a pronounced natural tendency to every second renewal. Where is your nest belief that over time the body withers, nurture the belief that every moment the body is updated.

7. Despite the apparent visibility of what we - separate individuals, we are all tied to the schemes of the mind, control the Cosmos

From the viewpoint of a single consciousness, people, things and events "out there somewhere" - are all part of your body. For example, you touch a solid rose petals, but in fact it is different: the energy beam and the information (your finger) for the other beam rose and information.Your finger and the thing that you touch, only a small beams of limitless information field, called the universe. This realization will help you to understand that the world is not a threat to you, your only infinitely extended body. World - this is you.

8. Time is not absolute. The real foundation of all things - an eternity, and what we call time, in fact, represents eternity, expressed quantitatively

Time is always perceived as an arrow that flies forward, but the complex geometry of the quantum space shattered this myth completely.Time, according to its provisions, can be moved in all directions and even stop. Therefore, only your consciousness creates time that you feel.

9. Each of us lives in a reality which is not subject to any changes and lying beyond all change. Knowledge of this reality will allow us to take all the change control

Currently, the only physiology, which you can stick to - a physiology based on time. However, the fact that time is tied to the consciousness means that you can choose a completely different method of operation - the physiology of immortality that draws you to the knowledge of the immutability.

From infancy, we feel that we have a part that never changes. This unchanging part of the sages of India called simply "I am." From the viewpoint of a single consciousness, the world can be explained as the flow of the Spirit - and it is consciousness. Therefore, our main goal - is to establish a close relationship with our "I".

10. We are not victims of aging, sickness and death. They - part of the script, not the observer who is not subject to any changes or

Life in its origin - it works. When you come in contact with your mind, you are in touch with the creative core. Under the old paradigm, control of life carries DNA is incredibly complex molecule, geneticists reveal less than 1% of its secrets. Under the new paradigm, control of life belongs to the realization.

We become victims of aging, sickness and death as a result of our gaps of knowledge about yourself. Losing consciousness - to lose the mind;lose reason - to lose control over the end product of the mind - body. Therefore, the most valuable lesson that teaches a new paradigm, is that if you want to change your body, you first change the consciousness.Take a look at the earth, where no one grows old - it is not "out there", but inside you.

Deepak Chopra


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