Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Castor oil for beauty

Castor oil for female beauty
Castor oil should be in the medicine cabinet every woman-healthy qualities of castor oil helps us save not only health but also beauty hair, eyelashes, skin.

Castor oil for hair
If you are not satisfied with the status of your hair, castor oil will help you remove this problem, make hair dense, strong, will give the hair shine. Use masks to hair with castor oil or just pour in the Palm of your hand a little oil, castor oil spread and lubricate the hair. This is enough to apply once a week to a month to see the effect.
Further result would mask for hair with castor oil and some milk. Cup with some milk, put in a bowl with hot water, and when it becomes warm, kapnite to 5 drops of castor oil and received the votrite in the hair and scalp. Turn up the plastic hat, top wind head towel. After thirty minutes every release, my hair.
If you are worried about hair loss, castor oil will come to the rescue again. Add one part oil 2 parts vodka vtirajte the hair roots, and the result will be a long wait.
Castor oil mascara
Castor oil is considered one of the best resources for resnicami. Thanks to the beneficial properties of castor oil lashes not only faster, but grow and become more beautiful. Recipe of castor oil for beautiful eyelashes is very simple – several times a week, lubricate the cilia and the lower part of the century, castor oil, and your opinion will soon become irresistible.
Castor oil for skin
Very good in combination with castor oil massage. To do this, take a tablespoon, a little hold it above the gas that metal has warmed. Then remove and pour into a castor oil. It quickly warms – it is in this form of castor oil in your skin better tincture. Face massage with warmed castor oil especially recommended to women after 30 because it perfectly removes wrinkles.
Use the healing properties of castor oil and wearing masks for face, especially in winter when the skin is cold, dry, flakes of pepper – join in the mask for face egg yolk with ten drops of castor oil, place the mixture thin layer on the skin of the face. Take a quarter of an hour and then wash with chamomile helpful or green tea.
Also use heated castor oil for skin care arms and legs to lubricate them before going to sleep, wear thin gloves and socks and calm sleep, morning your skin will be more soft and silky.


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