Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oil for face-lift - Oshadhi- review

Although it is currently impossible to live forever on earth, especially we who are older than 40 years, all somehow we start to life in the mission to find the fountain of youth, which promises eternal beauty and the external postponement of age, or at least try to prevent physical signs of aging.

One of the popular anti-aging products currently available on the market is the oil for face Lifting 30 ml - Oshadhi.
All you have probably already heard of Oshadhi oil, superior quality. Oshadhi has
high quality essential oils, vegetable oils, HIDROL, synergies, diffusers and oil composition.
Face Oil for Mature Skin lifting - essential oils
Oshadhi essential oils are completely chemical and botanical defined, with the corresponding certificates. Cultivation is mainly organic. Full Oshadhi offer essential oil contains over 550 different oils, whereas in our country can be found in much smaller numbers.
Vegetable oils are cold pressed and unrefined.
The country of origin is Germany.

Oil for face-lift - Oshadhi
Ingredients: vegetable oil sunflower, jojoba, almonds, sesame seeds, the fruit of wild roses, apricots; Arab tamjanovca essential oils, rosewood, ho oil, geranium, palmarosa, bead ...


 With the operation described below of vegetable oils, oil for face-lift, and contains essential oil of Arab tamjanovca acting anti-wrinkle and bead which also smoothes wrinkles, and tightens the skin, and astringent properties. Rosewood, geranium and palmarosa, except antibacterial activity nourish and regenerate skin.
Method of use: massage into damp skin 1-5 drops of oil.
Operation of vegetable oil: Vegetable oil Sunflower operates mild astringent, and is suitable for both oily and dry skin. It is used for skin inflammations such as psoriasis and eczema. Jojoba is used primarily for oily and mixed skin, for the treatment of sun-damaged skin and inflammatory skin diseases. Almond oil is a classic facial care, emergency food goat. Sesame contains vitamins A and E, natural antioxidants. Effective for inflammation of the skin, and is used with damaged skin (scars, wrinkles). The fruit of wild roses is extremely worthwhile due to the presence retinolne acid in its natural form, which is attributed to the operation of wrinkles, keloids, stretch marks, scars, age spots. Similarly, the oil is applied to burns, dermatitis, seborrhea, and similar problems. Moisturises and revitalises the skin and the vegetable oil is apricot softens and nourishes. It is often used for skin prone to allergies, reduces itching, and acts against eczema.

Is all of this true or not - I do not know. I bought it a month ago in a store at Slavija Olive and costs about 9$. It was love at first smell. Unbelievable experience more pleasant when you first opened the lid. Fragrances that are wider than frankincense, bergamot and other ingredients you will probably like me and all around me delight. It is a smell that makes me time and again by mazem several times a day. However, it is excessively. Actually there are lifting effect you'll notice if it spreads in the evening to give you the skin is smooth and toned in the morning. I've used it for ten days in a row because of a mild facial peel or skin supersaturation, I realized that it is best to use 2 -3 times a week. At least that's the case with me. I have dry and sensitive skin of the face and I had no reaction as it usually happens with many creams that I used. I can tell that the ingredients are perfectly balanced.
This fragrance missing my aura and takes me briefly to Heaven :)

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