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The Secret to Health

I am really excited to share with you my conclusions from years of research. I just revealed one of the most overlooked and suppressed health secrets in the world (at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe, New Mexico) to a packed house of international scientists and natural healthcare practitioners as well as medical doctors.
Tragically, this information has been withheld from the general public and has not been included as a part of standard medical training. After fifteen years of research, I have finally pieced everything together and I am positive I have found the key to preventing disease and healing the body naturally.

How Do I know the Answer for Eliminating and Preventing Disease?

I have been focusing on internal body cleansing with my patients for the last fifteen years and I have witnessed the prevention or outright disappearance of practically every disease. People always look to science for answers when the explanation is usually quite simple and staring us in the face.
I have to share this groundbreaking information with you because I know you truly want to maximize your health and help people regain their wellbeing and prevent disease. I have committed my life to this same cause. The time has come to get this information out to the public.
This information is for YOU! Though you have been "programmed" to believe otherwise, you can begin taking responsibility for your own health today!
Below, I will share with you the most overlooked health secret in the world!

So what is this SECRET to HEALTH?

So what is this SECRET to HEALTH?

Did you know 98% of Disease-Causing Toxins Enter the Body Through the Intestines?
The intestines are actually the first point of attack for virtually all disease-causing agents. These toxins make their way into the bloodstream, subsequently causing blood toxemia or congestive toxicoses, overworking the liver, and then infiltrate every type of tissue. This process is the origin of the "dis-ease" mechanism. The other 2% of toxins enter through the skin and lungs via direct contact and respiration.
Parasites, toxins from food, toxins from water, toxins from heavy metals, toxins from milk, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, drugs etc.
These poisons and "uninvited guests" enter the body through the intestinal lining!
The intestinal lining is exposed to millions of toxins every day!
Even toxins from the air we breathe pass through the intestines. Most toxins become caught in the mucous linings of the mouth or nasal passages and then drain into the stomach, eventually making their way into the intestines.
Toxic intestines are simply not able to absorb nutrients from food because they are inhibited by layers of accumulated, impacted waste material. This creates a narrowed passageway leading to constipation and other bowel problems. Constipation, as you know, makes regular bowel movements difficult at best and leads to further impaction. If toxins are not eliminated from the intestines on a regular basis, they leach back into the bloodstream through what is termed "leaky gut syndrome" and ultimately cause ILLNESS AND DISEASE!>
Many Acquired Diseases Can Be Traced to Toxin Exposure:
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Liver Disease
  • Colon Dysfunction
  • Intestinal Disorders


Perhaps "secret" isn't the most accurate word. Plain "lack of knowledge" might be a better choice. Ask any doctor to explain the role of the intestines and how they function in the body and I guarantee they will not be able to give you a definitive answer. The reason for this is . . .

Doctors Are Not Being Taught to PREVENT Disease!

If preventative measures and cleansing were taught in medical schools many diseases we take for granted would simply cease to exist. The pharmaceutical industry, government-funded medical research, and entire armies of around-the-clock medical staff would all be unnecessary if people discovered all they had to do to achieve optimal health was just keep their intestines and liver clean. What we're really talking about here is the loss of billions of dollars in annual healthcare revenue!

Medical Science Can Explain the Function of Every Organ In the Body Except . . . the Appendix?

Sound strange? Why do you think so many people have their appendix removed? Doctors still don't know what the appendix is much less what it does. Standard treatment methods, as taught in medical schools, dictate removing the appendix whenever it becomes inflamed. Why? The medical industry realizes a simple truth-without your appendix, you are destined for bad health and they can sell you more drugs, perform more unnecessary surgeries, or (even worse) treat you with deadly radiation as a "cure" that's definitely worse than the disease.
So why is the appendix so important anyway? The appendix is located at the juncture of the small and large intestines and acts as a body regulator and communicator. The appendix monitors internal pH, the toxic load present, the opening and closing of the ileocecal valve, and it also sends messages to the immune system regarding activity in the bowel.
My theory is-the appendix works like a microcomputer relay station for the body. You might be wondering, "Why would the body's regulatory computer be located in the colon of all places?" My answer is-why not? All too often, the digestive system and the colon in particular have the status of being regarded as "second-class organs" because we're embarrassed about their function, namely waste elimination. Consider for a moment just how important these components are in the grand scheme of biological living-the intestines are the first exposure point and thus the first line of defense against environmental toxins to which we intentionally or accidentally expose ourselves.
Imagine what would happen to your life if you never cleaned your house, never took out the garbage, never vacuumed your car, or never even took a shower. What would your body (or your social life for that matter) resemble after 10 solid years of wallowing in filth? Your body would be repellant and disgusting beyond belief and would likely be a festering breeding ground for parasites and disease.
So why are people not being taught to clean their bodies ON THE INSIDE???
I have spent years tracing the root causes of disease. Although, everyone talks about toxic overload, no one is focusing on the real problem-where that overload actually takes place. Guess what? If you ignore your colon for ten years (or twenty or thirty) the same "pollution" and damage can happen on the inside of your body!

What Happens When You Have a Toxic Intestine, Colon, or Liver?

I mention the liver at this point because, after years of toxic buildup, the liver takes quite a beating and must be cleansed regularly just like your skin, or your house, or your car. I want to make clear though, I'm focusing on the FIRST line of defense in the body-the intestinal tract. If toxins never infiltrate the bloodstream in the first place, the liver can function in its normal capacity.
When I had my natural health practice, I took on the hardest cases I could find because I loved the challenge.
Patients would sometimes ask me during the initial consultation, "What are you going to do for me that all the other doctors couldn't do?"
I said to them, "Let me ask you a question . . . what did all of the other doctors do to cleanse or detoxifying your body BEFORE giving you bottles of prescription medications (or bags of supplements)?"
Practically every one of them would respond with confusion, "Cleanse? What is that?" Well, I didn't just tell them.
I Showed My Patients the Positive Effects Cleansing Could Have on Their Health!
These men and women were amazed when they came back to see me because half of their symptoms were already gone . . . and we hadn't even started treating their condition yet! These results were just from the cleansing regimens I advised!
I then explained to them I don't actually "heal" anyone. True healing takes place from within. It's your responsibility to heal yourself.

As a Doctor, It's My Responsibility and Moral Obligation to Teach You How to Heal Yourself!

Now, I tell people to start with our 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse followed by three consecutive Liver & Gallbladder Cleanses and a Harmful Organism Cleanse. I phase in their unique supplement regimen only after the first cleanse is complete. After my patients cleanse themselves internally, their bodies are ready to begin the natural healing process.
Many powers that be do not want people to know how easy it is to prevent and eliminate disease from their lives.
Patients may come in with a shopping list of symptoms, but doctors are not finding and certainly not treating the root cause of disease! Most symptoms will disappear after a successful program of internal cleansing.
The sad news is that many Natural Healthcare Practitioners are being taught to have the same approach as medical doctors:
  • Treat the symptoms!
  • Focus on the symptoms!
  • Prescribe supplements according to the patient's symptoms!
In reality, you can give people the finest quality, wildcrafted, super-organic health supplements in the world until you are blue in the face but you are still not addressing the root cause of their problem. Toxic Overload comes from a lack of internal cleansing!
What people do not realize is they need to cleanse their intestines on a regular basis as part of an ongoing health routine. Most people have only two bowel movements a week. Can you imagine the fermentation, putrefaction, rancidity, and sheer amount of toxins leaking into the bloodstream from a polluted colon that only has two bowel movements a week?
The average person should have three bowel movements daily. Don't think so? This principle can be demonstrated by observing different species of the animal kingdom. For every meal consumed, chickens, lions, fish, snakes, cows, kangaroos, bears, and horses produce a corresponding number of bowel movements.
Even the Earth cleanses itself regularly with rain, snow melt-off, wind, volcanic eruptions, etc. Human beings should be no different. We should be having two to three normal bowel movements daily and cleansing regularly.
A Healthy bowel transit lasts about twelve to eighteen hours. The average transit time in Western countries is sixty-five to one-hundred hours!
It absolutely amazes me no one is making the connection between bowel transit time and the incidence of poor health in general and digestive health in particular!

Constipation Is a Problem for 1 out of 3 People in America!

Most doctors respond to constipation by recommending a laxative, which is essentially a drug. Laxative sales bring in nearly $850 million each year. One can easily infer constipation (ironically, often drug-induced) is a very serious health concern in this country. As westernized society continues to spread, digestive disorders are becoming prevalent in many other countries as well.
So what is the response to digestive disease by the pharmaceutical companies? These companies depend on product longevity so they develop and patent laxatives which cause even further bowel damage so they can keep selling you their "treatment." If they actually cured anything, these companies would go out of business because they wouldn't be needed right?
This obvious conflict between prevention and profit makes me wonder if that's the reason why most pharmaceutical drugs list CONSTIPATION as a major side effect. So you take something to treat your pain, high blood pressure or arthritis and you end up buying laxatives to treat the accompanying constipation. We have "lemon" laws to protect consumers from deceptive auto salesman but it's apparently accepted practice for drug manufacturers to profit from your misery by selling you ever more drugs and drugs and drugs instead of fixing what's wrong.
The Secret to Health is obviously eliminating as many toxins as you can on a daily basis before they even reach your intestines. Let's face the real problem though.

How Many People Do You Know Who Would Be Willing to Give Up:

  • Choices cuts of meat (steak, veal, brisket, pork)
  • Convenient fast foods (pizza, burgers, tacos, fried chicken)
  • Morning-motivating coffee (lattes, cappuccino, espresso)
  • Delicious dairy (milk, butter, ice-cream)
  • "Social lubricant" alcohol (beer, wine, mixed drinks)
  • So-called diet drinks (colas, fruit punch)
  • Smile-giving sugar (chocolate, cake, pie, candy-bars)
  • White flour (tortillas, "enriched" wheat and white bread, doughnuts)
And everything else that's "good" but really bad for us?
And what about all of the emotional components, negative belief patterns, and learned behaviors causing disease? From where do you think these emotions come?

Toxins cause fatigue by altering electrical signals in water surrounding brain cells.

This disruption in the brain causes depression, mood disorders, and other emotional disturbances. Once people start cleansing internally to regain their health, emotional disorders go away! Do you ever go about your day feeling like you're in a fog, like everything is slightly out of focus or you can't concentrate like you used to? This perpetual haze isn't caused by just the natural aging process. Your mental clarity can be affected by what you eat and when you're consuming toxin-filled junk day after day for years.

Feeling Healthy Brings Self Confidence (positive emotions) which Translates into Personal Success and Fulfillment!

Think about the last time you felt really healthy. You were self-confident and eager to face the day because you looked and felt great. You actually loved yourself and wanted to experience life! When you're self-confident, you believe you can do or achieve anything you put your mind to, and this encourages success in anything you manifest through your thoughts and actions.
In order to be happy and healthy you must be clean! People need to cleanse the intestine at least two to three times per week to prevent toxins from accumulating in the body and to help prevent disease. Many people now perform liver flushes once a year (at least the smart ones do) but they still neglect the most important system in the body-the intestines. Cleansing the intestines takes less than ten seconds two or three times a week; and it's so easy. All you have to do is take a few capsules before you go to bed at night.

There are Two Categories of Intestinal and Colon Cleansing Products:

Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleansers:

In my opinion, the only safe and effective way to keep the intestines and colon clean is with oxygen. I have used ozone and oxygen therapy for years in a clinical setting and it is probably one of the best modalities for regaining health and preventing disease. I became so astounded by the results from using oxygen that I spent seven years perfecting an oxygen based product people could take for effectively cleansing the entire intestinal tract.
Oxy-Powder® and Homozon™ are the leaders in oxygen delivery technology. In our Analysis of Oxy-Powder® and Competitors' Products, however, we determined only Oxy-Powder® delivers oxygen at a level that is effective for cleansing but also safe and comfortable for extended use. The amazing formula of Oxy-Powder® is derived from natural ingredients instead of herbs which can be dangerous if taken in the wrong quantities or mixtures.

Herbal Based Intestinal Cleansers:

Vast arrays of herbal colon cleansers are being marketed on television and practically everywhere you look on the Internet, but are they effective? These products will likely cause damage if used two to three times weekly for cleansing, which is what I recommend for achieving your maximum health potential. Be aware that most herbal colon cleansers contain SennaCascara sagrada, or Psyllium, each of which can cause severe side effects and long-term damage to the intestinal lining.
A wide body of research documents the health problems associated with habitual or even incidental exposure to these herbs-liver failure, severe allergic reactions including asphyxia, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you choose to use one of these very sparingly it will probably be okay, but you should definitely not take herbal based colon cleansers two or three times a week!
I also highly recommend colonic hydrotherapy. I have personally collaborated with hundreds of colonic hydrotherapists over the years and they generally share my view regarding the importance of regular colon cleansing. Colonic Hydrotherapists have known this Secret to Health for years and have helped thousands of people regain their vitality and wellbeing.
Many colon hydrotherapists also use oxygen based cleansers to help cleanse the small intestine while they concentrate on the colon. Remember the entire intestinal tract needs to be cleaned out regularly, not just the colon!

Other Recommendations:

I advise receiving regular spinal adjustments from an experienced chiropractor. The nerves regulating proper bowel function originate in the spine. These nerves can become either under-active or over-excited due to constant exposure to toxins in the body. I cannot recall a single patient from my practice who walked in suffering from disease whose spine wasn't misaligned as well.
It's time for all of us to work together as a team and change our lives for the better. We can change the future of medicine by becoming a healthier nation and not holding on to the fear of disease. Take charge of your life instead of leaving it in the hands of the medical profession! Please pass this information on to everyone you know. If we bond together as one, We Can Make A Difference! Just think about how good it feels to help someone else. That is the best reward anyone could ask for or receive!
If you still have doubts about my message, try colon cleansing for yourself. You will be literally amazed at how easy it is to obtain your youthful energy and experience true health again!
I personally recommend starting with a 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse followed by three back-to-back liver/gallbladderflushes (with five days between each flush). I've seen reports of people continually cleansing their system until all of their symptoms and disease virtually disappears! Some people have completed up to fifteen liver, gallbladder, and intestinal cleanses in a row and eliminated their disease entirely. The human body can exercise tremendous self-healing powers, but it needs to be cleansed on a regular basis just like everything else.
I really want to help people and share this information with the world. You can research many different liver, gallbladder, parasite, and intestinal flush options. Find the one that agrees with you or consult a natural healthcare practitioner for advice. Always use caution when choosing the appropriate method for cleansing yourself or your patients.


Dr. Edward F.


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