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Body and mind, timeless

People used to believe that the subject of time and aging is inevitable. But Deepak Chopra, a poet and a prophet of alternative medicine, claims that this process is reversible. You can consciously slow down and even reverse the aging process - to the years of his youth, enthusiasm and good health.

We must try to get rid of the belief that the body is aging because it is accepted. The quantum world, or new science teaches that we are constantly creating and destroying their bodies. The fact that the body is a dense, stable object - this is an illusion; the body is a process, and as long as this process is directed toward the renovation, the body cells are young, and it does not matter how much time has passed and how strong entropy, which we are exposed. In order to have an updated body should be prepared to accept new ideas that lead to new solutions.

Why do we perceive the world as a real-life? Because so perceive it our senses !!! We see and feel things, but it just seems to us, says Deepak Chopra. We see that the earth was flat, the sun rises in the east and sets in the West, but we are wrong. Because it has long been known that the earth is round, and the East and West is conditional coordinates depending on the observer and from the place where he was. The first one took off the mask, visibility was Einstein and his colleagues. They put the time and space in the framework of a completely new geometry.Each particle is turned into a solid beam of energy, vibrating in a vast emptiness. If we consider the person in that aspect, it becomes impossible that man can grow old. newborn baby's cells are not new, the atoms that make up their circulating in the universe for millions of years. However, the child is created invisible Intelligence, which collects cells together and creates a unique form of life.

Aging - a mask to cover up the loss of communication with the Mind.

Quantum physics says that a universal energy and information field in which we live is constantly changing, turning every moment into something new. For example, every second cell is performed in our six trillion reactions, and if a process upset, it will lead to various disorders in the body. This failure is aging. However, our body can repair itself. Skin changes once a month, the stomach cells strewn wall - every 5 days, the liver every six weeks, and the skeleton of every 3 months. By the end of this year, 98% of the atoms of your body will be replaced with new ones.

Einstein proved that the invisible world - this is the real world, and our bodies - is an illusion. And if we want to get rid of aging, you must connect to the immense creative power, embodied in our primary source.

We are the only creatures on earth that can change biology by thoughts and feelings, endowed with knowing about the phenomenon of the aging of the nervous system. Since we are endowed with consciousness, our mental state affects what we realize. However, each setting of the old paradigm can be replaced by a more complete and bulk version of the truth.

Ten new plants are as follows:

1. The objective world independent of the observer, there is no

This world has certain properties. These properties should not be taken as a separate entity from the observer. For example, take a folding chair. From your point of view, this chair is small, but from the ant, he is huge. Do you feel the chair hard, and neutrinos will sweep through it at high speed, because it will be the atoms from each other at a distance of several kilometers. In short, none of the objective facts on which we normally base our reality is not fundamentally reliable. They are, as you istolkuete them.

Hundreds of things and the processes occurring in your body and you do not pay attention, - breathing, digestion, increase or decrease in blood pressure, the growth of new cells, purification of toxins, etc., you can be taken under control... The fact of focusing your attention on automatic processes in your body will change and your aging process, because over time our body's ability to coordinate these functions are weakening.

All so-called involuntary functions of the heart and respiration to digestion and hormonal regulation can be brought under control. In the laboratories, which examines the mind and body, patients have learned the power of will to lower blood pressure or to reduce acid secretion, leading to ulcers. Why not use these abilities in the aging process? Why not replace the old stereotypes of the new? To do this, there are numerous techniques that a person can deliver the service itself.

2. Our bodies are formed of energy and information

We think our bodies are made up of dense matter, but physics says that every atom to 99.9999% consists of empty space and subatomic particles, the speed of light zipping through this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy. The whole universe, including your body - it does not matter, and with the non-material thinking. The void within each atom is pulsating in the form of an invisible intelligence. Geneticists placed the mind in DNA, but only for the greater credibility. Life occurs when transfers its DNA encoded in mind its active counterpart RNA, which in turn is introduced into the cell and transmits the reason thousands bits enzymes, and then those bits are used for production reason proteins. At each point in this sequence, the energy and the information should be exchanged between them, otherwise no life will not be.

As we age, the flow of the mind is reduced for various reasons. This age-related wear and tear would be inevitable if man consisted only of matter, but entropy does not affect the mind - the invisible part of us is timeless themselves. In India it is called prana flow of mind and can control it, increase or decrease, move around and manipulate it in order to maintain the physical body young and healthy.

3. Mind and body indissolubly united

Mind can express themselves and at the level of thought and at the molecular level. For example, such an emotion like fear, can be defined as an abstract feeling and as a tangible molecule of a hormone - adrenaline. Without fear there is no hormone, no hormones and no fear. On what would have rushed our thought, it entails the formation of the chemical.

Medicine is just beginning to use the connection of mind and body. Everyone knows placebo in 30% of cases gives the same relief, as if the patient took a painkiller, but a placebo more features than the simple pill because it can be used not only as a painkiller but also as a means of lowering the pressure, and even combating tumors. As a harmless pill leads to such different results, it certainly follows that the mind-body can create any sort of biochemical reaction, if only to give the mind an appropriate facility. If we could use the installation does not get old, the body would be to implement it purely automatically. Breakdown in old age largely due to the fact that people expect this decline.

4. Biochemistry body - a product of consciousness

The notion that the body is - irrational machine prevails in the minds of most people, yet the percentage of people who have died of cancer and heart disease is much higher among those who are constantly on the psychological stress than those who moved through life unflagging sense of purpose and prosperity.

Under the new paradigm, the mind makes a significant difference in the aging process. Despair about aging - it means to grow old faster.Truism, "You are old as far as myself mnish" has a very deep meaning.

5. Perception - memorized phenomenon

Different perceptions - love, hate, joy and disgust - stimulate the body very differently. The man depressed by the loss of work, projects that sadness to all parts of the body - and as a result the brain ceases to secrete neurotransmitters, hormone levels drop, the sleep cycle is disturbed, neuropeptide receptors on the outer surface of the distorted cells, platelets are more sticky and tend to the accumulation of so even in tears of sadness precipitation chemicals in more than tears of joy. In the joy of the whole chemical profile completely reversed.

All biochemistry occurs within consciousness; each cell is fully aware of what and how you think. Once you understand this fact, the whole illusion about the fact that you are a victim of irrational, to chance and clears degenerating body.

6. pulses every second reason give new forms of body

Until new impulses continue to flow to the brain, the body is also able to respond in a new way. This is the whole essence of the secret of youth. New knowledge, new skills, new ways of seeing the world contribute to the development of mind, body, and while this is happening, there is a pronounced natural tendency to every second renewal. Where is your nest belief that over time the body withers, nurture the belief that every moment the body is updated.

7. Despite the apparent visibility of what we - separate individuals, we are all tied to the schemes of the mind, control the Cosmos

From the viewpoint of a single consciousness, people, things and events "out there somewhere" - are all part of your body. For example, you touch a solid rose petals, but in fact it is different: the energy beam and the information (your finger) for the other beam rose and information.Your finger and the thing that you touch, only a small beams of limitless information field, called the universe. This realization will help you to understand that the world is not a threat to you, your only infinitely extended body. World - this is you.

8. Time is not absolute. The real foundation of all things - an eternity, and what we call time, in fact, represents eternity, expressed quantitatively

Time is always perceived as an arrow that flies forward, but the complex geometry of the quantum space shattered this myth completely.Time, according to its provisions, can be moved in all directions and even stop. Therefore, only your consciousness creates time that you feel.

9. Each of us lives in a reality which is not subject to any changes and lying beyond all change. Knowledge of this reality will allow us to take all the change control

Currently, the only physiology, which you can stick to - a physiology based on time. However, the fact that time is tied to the consciousness means that you can choose a completely different method of operation - the physiology of immortality that draws you to the knowledge of the immutability.

From infancy, we feel that we have a part that never changes. This unchanging part of the sages of India called simply "I am." From the viewpoint of a single consciousness, the world can be explained as the flow of the Spirit - and it is consciousness. Therefore, our main goal - is to establish a close relationship with our "I".

10. We are not victims of aging, sickness and death. They - part of the script, not the observer who is not subject to any changes or

Life in its origin - it works. When you come in contact with your mind, you are in touch with the creative core. Under the old paradigm, control of life carries DNA is incredibly complex molecule, geneticists reveal less than 1% of its secrets. Under the new paradigm, control of life belongs to the realization.

We become victims of aging, sickness and death as a result of our gaps of knowledge about yourself. Losing consciousness - to lose the mind;lose reason - to lose control over the end product of the mind - body. Therefore, the most valuable lesson that teaches a new paradigm, is that if you want to change your body, you first change the consciousness.Take a look at the earth, where no one grows old - it is not "out there", but inside you.

Deepak Chopra


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