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Connect with intelligence body

Connect with intelligence body

Резултат слика за Deepak Chopra

1. You have a lofty purpose.

2. You are part of the unity of life.

3. Your consciousness is always ready for a change. She is from moment to moment perceived all that surrounds you.

4. All other accept as equals, without judgment and without prejudice.

5. Every time you approach with renewed creativity, do not persist in the old, consumed.

6. Your stay follows the rhythms of the universe. You feel safe and supported.

7. Your view of the effectiveness of the course is to allow life to bring you what you need. The force control and fight are not your ways.

8. Do you feel the connection with your source.

9. Committed to providing you as the source of all abundance.

10. Any change, including birth and death, to understand through the prism of immortality. For you, what is most real invariant.

None of the above is not a spiritual goal; all these are facts of everyday life at the level of your cells.

The Supreme purposes: every cell of your body agrees to work for the good of the whole; her individual well-being is in second place. If necessary, he will die to protect the body and this often occurs: the lifespan of individual cells only a fraction of our lifetime. Every hour thousands die of skin cells and immune cells that fight against enemy microbes. Selfishness is not an option, even in terms of the survival cell.

Unity The unit maintains connections to all other cells.
Messenger molecules rushing everywhere to the most distant station informed even the slightest desire or intention of the body. The withdrawal or refusal of communication is not an option.
Awareness: cells are adapted from moment to moment. They remain flexible in order to respond to the current situation. Being stuck in rigid habits is not an option.

Acceptance: the cells perceive each other as equally important. Every cell in the body has an interdependent relationship with all other cells. Independence is not an option.

Creativity: Although every cell has a unique set of functions (for example, liver cells are able to perform fifty different tasks), and associated features in creative ways. Man is able to digest the food that had not yet eaten, to think thoughts that until then had not yet thought to dance on an exemplary manner. Persist in old behaviors is not an option.

Stay: the cells followed by a universal cycle of rest and activity. Although this cycle is manifested in many ways (such as fluctuations in hormone levels, blood pressure and digestive rhythms), its most visible manifestation is the dream. Medicine has not yet discovered why we need sleep, but it is known that
denial of its welfare leads to the complete dysfunction. In the silence of inactivity germinates the future of the body. Obsessive activity or aggression does not come to mind.

Effectiveness: the cells operate with the lowest possible power consumption. A typical cell membrane within their stores of food and the amount of oxygen sufficient for only three seconds. Fully believe that they will get what she needed. Excessive consumption of food, air or water does not come into consideration.

Access: thanks to a common genetic heritage, staniceznaju that are essentially the same. The fact that the liver cells are different from heart cells and muscle cells are different from brain cells do not deny their identity, which is unchanging. Method returning to their common source is the muscle cell in the laboratory can be genetically transformed into a heart cell. No matter how many times divided, healthy cells remain associated with their source. for defection
they are not out of the question.

Giving: The primary activity of cells is giving, which maintains the integrity of all other cells. Total commitment to giving makes receiving automatic - it is the second half of the natural cycle. The greed of the question.

Immortality: the cells multiply to convey their knowledge, experience and abilities are not denying anything to his offspring. It is a kind of practical immortality: obedience to death on the physical level, but her overcome the netjelesnoj level. The generation gap is not an option.
When you realize what your station agreed not perceive that spiritual agreement in every sense of the word?
The first characteristic, the realization of the lofty purposes, equal to the spiritual features lectures and selflessness.

Giving is the same as returning to God what is God's. Immortality is the same as belief in life after death. However, my body did not interest determinations which accepted my mind. For my body, and the features easy ways of functioning life. They are acts of cosmic intelligence that is billions of years manifested as biology. The secret of life patiently and carefully allowed the manifestation of their full potential. This tacit agreement that holds my body together even today see it as a secret because, judging by the visible, the agreement does not exist. More than two hundred and fifty types of cells perform their daily job: Fifty function of liver cells are completely unique and do not overlap with the tasks of muscle cells, kidney, heart, or brain, however, the consequences would be devastating if only one function was disrupted.

The mystery of life has found a way to be perfectly manifested through me.

Once again, read the feature list and remember everything, "not an option":
selfishness, refusal communications, apostasy, excessive consumption, obsessive activity and aggressiveness. If our cells know that does not act, why we behave like that? Why is greed good for us, although the level of our cells fatal, or makes a basic mistake of cancer cells? Why do we allow that excessive consumption leads to obesity epidemic, when our cells to measure their fuel molecules? People have not given up those behaviors that our body killed in a single day. In this way, we oppose the wisdom of your body and, worse, do not pay attention to the internal template of perfect spiritual life.

 From Deepak Chopra's book "The Book of Secrets'


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