Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sex as a source of energy or how a woman "kept" man?

Every woman is born with a certain energy options. It depends on them, how it will be seen by people.

Sometimes it is very noticeable - for example, it so happens that in the not so beautiful girl groomed a lot of guys, not noticing beauty. All this is due to the fact that the object of their admiration for the great female energy, and the opposite sex is felt.

What is the female energy.

Until the moment when the girl kept her virginity, his energy is not consumed. But this was the first man she gives her role. Of how much one gets this energy depends on its success. It's not always turn out that the first lover becomes her husband. So the second and later part of the energy is going. But this source is updated, the wife recover its reserves or 7 years after sexual contact continues to energy lover.

If the girl had many lovers, they "eat" their feminine energy. And that's not bad, it is not denied. As soon as this man, who was next to a woman gets is not 100% charge of magic, and a little less, and its productivity falls.

How people feel the feminine energy?
First, many men dream of being the first. Defloration - is a sacrament, who want to go through a lot. And not just to test some new sensations. They instinctively know that they can get a great "charge" to the required energy.

Secondly, men often seek simultaneously with several old lady. But this is also a way to use multiple sources, which is a very good effect on the welfare of the people. For example, married a young lover starts, he receives the necessary impulse and with his wife, and from the one who spends time with him, which means that it can be twice as effective at work.

In ancient times, many feudal lords had the right to "first night." The property owner is given the opportunity to deflower all the girls before the wedding. In this way, is connected with their energy, which greatly increased the income from the property. The origin of this tradition has been long forgotten, but the real bioenergy is known about his background.

The evidence also that the most successful people in the world today - those who are very fond up, and therefore, have more resources, and an exemplary family man, who is a woman, but she is able to provide them with the necessary energy.

How to stop the "food" of the former?

Ritual takes only a few minutes. It only requires time and attention, but the result will be immediately noticeable. How? Simply people feel when they lose feeding. You will soon have a call or meeting, it will usually be felt all that first. Someone will call for a meeting, someone has to write about, he could not forget her.

Of course, you should meet with them, but make sure it works. The rite should be repeated after 2 weeks that there was a situation that does not come loose.

What to do: you just need to be alone with him and spend some time pronouncing certain words. This ritual is not magic or religion, but is a psychological technique that allows "remove" any unnecessary binding.

 Standing in front of the window. If possible, light a candle. It is a way to adjust the process. I silently begin to show in turn the people. Everyone needs some things really say:
"Thank you for what you've had in my life. I'm glad that we met again. I forgive you all the insults that are between us. I let you. I loved you as best I can. I wish you luck."

At this point, it is necessary to imagine that you are in the stomach connects the transparent flagella. It is positioned below the navel, and others. It is necessary, however, to reduce cord to speak words and hands. They have a part of themselves to send, and his - to him. And then imagine how a man turns and walks away.

Make such manipulation is required with each partner. This is a way to "not eating" of the former. But be prepared that some, and perhaps all the former will try to request a meeting with you.

As convinced my friend, this ritual is completely safe. It can be performed several times, if you think it necessary. It also helps in cases where the person can not forget. I do not need any magic rituals or treatment for psychics. But there is one thing: sincerely need to talk. Forgiveness and gratitude - a great power, but they have to go from the heart. If you say it from the heart does not work, in the heart of contempt remains, simply repeat the process several times.

The woman - a valuable source of energy for men. It depends on the companion, if her husband is a millionaire or a janitor. The more feminine energy, wealthier families and efficient man. Although every woman comes with its potential reserves can still be increased, and thus get much more in marriage. But how to do it, we'll tell you next time.


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